about ifunwoo

About ifunwoo - 1/24 doll house paper model

If you like to have a miniature dollhouse, but ...

⦿ you don't know how to build.
⦿ you don't have enough time to make it.
⦿ you think the dollhouse in the market is too expensive.

There is a easy way to build a dollhouse with paper.

⦿ don't need to sawing, carving, grinding and painting ...
⦿ don't need special tools and skill
⦿ don't need to collect a lot of materials
⦿ simple material : paper
⦿ easy to handmade & DIY
⦿ it's low cost & eco-friendly
ifunwoo is a architecture paper model with building structure and interior decoration.
We provide a total package for miniature paper craft by special modular design.

All you need is ...

⦿ choose your favorite house type and room module.
⦿ print the template on paper.
⦿ cut, fold, glue and assemble all the parts together.
⦿ step by step, you can build a dollhouse paper model by yourself.
⦿ you can also work together with your family to build the family dollhouse.

According to the same scale, you can decorate your unique style dollhouse with any materials.
Just make a dream house for your dolls and share your lovely house with your friend.

✶✶✶ one more thing ✶✶✶

ifunwoo - 1/24 dollhouse paper model template is designed in A4 paper size.
If you want to enlarge or shrink the model to match different sizes of dolls, you can use the different size of paper to print.
Recommended as following table :
design spec.
Paper Spec.
for example
≈ 1/18
A3 (200gsm)
≈ 10cm

A4 (150gsm)
≈ 7.5 cm
●  PlayMobil
●  Sylvanian Famillies
≈ 1/36
A5 (100gsm)
≈ 5 cm
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